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Codename Ragnarok

Valhall Region by : Total Anarchy at : 18:32:55 05/05/2004

A new game is coming to Valhall, and it will change the way the game is played...

In Norse Mythology, Ragnarok was the end of the world, the battle between Gods, Humans, and every other creature on earth...

For us, Ragnarok will be turn based game with a lot of changes, it will not be the same game you now play. Dont worry, the other games will still be available.

This game is built on an entirely different concept, no mass killing, no easy land grabs just lots of skill required.

The field will be divided into 3 different alignments, Vane for the Good, Aeser for the Evil and Jotner for the Neutral. You will not be able to attack anyone from your own alignment, only different alignments, and there will not be the possibility of clan jumping to gain land. There are 10 different races to choose from so far, along with 10 starting locations, 3 good, 3 neutral, and 4 evil.

Each alignment will have its bonuses, same with the races, the land are you occupy, and the Era. Remember, for every bonus, there are also penalties that go along with them.

There are 4 eras, Ancient times, Middle ages, Industrial ages, and Modern times. Every empire will change into the next era at the same time, no longer will some empires still be in the past when you are in the future.

Other additions include Research, new attack methods, new unit types and politics.

Health will be replaced with Moral, successful actions will give your empire good moral, and unsuccessful actions will give your empire bad moral.

The amount of land you gain from an attack will be less, so the ways of killing have changed. You no longer need to worry about declaring war on someone, you are ALWAYS at war.

This game is all about strategy, choose everything wisely, it could bring you to victory, or it could be your downfall.

more information to follow as it becomes available

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