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Another set ends

Valhall Region by : penta at : 14:32:58 30/04/2004

The set has finished for one and a half hour now. Time to look over the score board.

Since Laoum was killed the last day the scoreboard looks different then expected, but it is still dominated by KS.

Mawerick took first place with a networth of over 1,8 billion. Penta took second with 1,3 Cillion Networth. And 3rd place went to Levi with almost 1,2 billion networth. North took 4th place with 1,1 billion. Ghost Faction took 5th. West took 6th, Chong managed to take 7th, Naled Tuaflore ended at 8th. Center of the Center boosted him self to a nice 9th, and ReliC at 10th.

There where 11 players fighting for their position at the end, where Coramoor grabbed all land he could to raise his networth which gave him a 18th.

Anduril (#326) which is Mawerick took the first place. And probably a nice new networth record too. How you get so fly ? (#396) ask the right question in second place. If you are wondering how Maw got that high, cooperation is the answer. Macatak took 3rd plase with his gremlin. North ended up at 4th with his indy empire. Naled Tuaflore (#320) got a nice 5th place and get mentioned too.

Clan U SUCK took the clan fight and had 3 players online out of 6 in teh last few minutes and had a go for a top 10 spot, but didnt reatch that far. U SUCK where lead by Chongs indy empire.

Battle where won by Drunk man (#250) whitch had a close fight whit Soljern that ended secound. Fle (#211) ended 3.rd. Mawrick took the and get mentioned since he had top spots at the other servers and for his accomplishments are one of the best all over players.

Only two players where online in the last minutes to alter the board. And Stalker ended plase.

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