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One of the giants falls!

Obituaries by : penta at : 17:51:57 29/04/2004

In strategy the score board have been shown whit one empire in top all set. Bab bad Me or Laoum and by others L.J.

The known warrior and killer and current holder of offences in strategy Coramoor found Laoum`s week spot and took advantage out of it.
Coramoore had a lucrative pillage, here is what he got:

  • 8,824,896 Cyborgs

  • 3 Juggernauts

  • 5,284,016 Hovercrafts

  • 4,820,343 Dreadnoughts

  • 261,490,386,191 cash

  • 149,367,510 Power Cells

  • 72,151 Drones

To quote Coramoore -"That`s $2.61 trillion on Bad Bad Me if my calculation is correct!"

And you are correct, it turns out he had collected over 6 trillions, but only devided about 3,4 trillions amoung the clan mates. As some havent joined the clan.

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