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Poem II

Poems and Prose by : Dragon at : 21:57:53 14/04/2004

The second installment of the newest section of the ValHall Times.

This poem contains graphic images.

As I sit there with the blade in my hand,
My life ends according to plan.
To see your face as you come through the door.
As you see my blood flow to the floor
The look so bad I want to see,
The tears you never poured out for me.
And I look back full of hate,
You know my life you didn`t appriciate.
Everything my life was worth,
Is meaningless now I lie in earth.
If I watch you from above,
Then maybe I`ll see your love.
If I watch you from below,
Then I`ll see your truly foe.
You cry with the last Church bell,
I begin my journey into Hell.
The journey I hold close and dear.
The journey you have come to fear.

~ Dragon

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