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Player Profile: Lord Jolas

Interview by : Dragon at : 11:11:38 09/04/2004

Near the end of last set, I was introduced to Lord Jolas, and have since become friends with him. The subject of the third player profile is the one and only Lord Jolas.

When did you start playing Promisance?
December 2001.

Was it at ValHall or somewhere else?
Yes, ValHall Strategy.

How did you do your first set?
Ended fifth place in Djibouti`s clan.

Did you learn the game from someone or are you selftaught?
Most of the game alone, but a few things from West.

When do you feel was your best set?
My last set at Global, I took the net record there. I`ve had a few good sets at ValHall too.

Do you have a strategy that you stick to? Or do you experiment around with different ones?
I change almost every set. I test a new one and try to improve an old one.

Is it true you`ve taken more to training new players now?
Ya, I`ve trained lots of players in the past 4 sets... Mawerick, Choo Choo and others.

Who do you think is the greatest assest to your skill, your greatest companion in-game.
Well, I think this game is based on math and I`m good at Math, so I think this is my strong point. Greatest companion is Mawerick ... I play most of the time with him. And I`m not scared to try new things and I always listen to what other players have to say... sometimes I learn from new players.

Whose your big rival?
I don`t really have a big rival, it depends on the set. I fight a lot with Caeser and Upon though they are not true enemies. I must say that when you bite me I fight you for the set and it ends there.

Anything else you wish for the players to know about you?
I`m open to help new guys that comes in the game. They can mail me or PM me for tips. I always help when I can.

Well, that wraps up the third installment of the Player Profiles. Catch you lata...

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