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March Quiz!

International by : penta at : 19:32:01 31/03/2004

The Quiz is to be a monthly thing from now. You can expect all kinds of quizzes, and there is this months quiz...

1. Math quiz
A boy throws 3 normal dices and writes down the combined product of the eyes. In his first throw the eye shows 2, 3 and 5, and he therefore writes down the number 30 (2 * 3 * 5 = 30). What is the possibility that he would write down the number 4 in next throw?

2. Math quiz
One thousand dices whit width length 1 is put together to a giant dice whit width length of 10. This dice is then painted. How many of the dice are painted on at least one side?
3. Number quiz 1
Find the next in line:
0, 11, 102, 1110, 10011, 10112, 11020, ?
- 0
- 11022
- 11121
- 11200
- 11223
- 20000
- 20100

4. Letter quiz
Complete the line: A - B - D - H - AF - CB - FD - ?

5. Line quiz 1
Which of the figures to the right does fit in the available filed in the matrix?
(sorry but as of now Valhall Times cant have pictures, something we hope for in future.

Well that where all the quiz.
Send in results to
The first to send in all correct are counted winner. All that replys correct will get their name in the paper. Have fun.

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