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Clan Profile: KKD

Interview by : penta at : 08:18:05 20/03/2004

The clan, KKD, watches over Strategy whit a commanding eye. Who are they? What is their intention?

First of who are they.

KKD Krush Kill & Destroy includes:
Letterman(#802), Leader
Thien Than May Tinh(#838), Assistant Leader
Part-time player(#846), Minister of Foreign Affairs
The Piper at the Gates of Dawn(#935), Secret Service

-= * Quân Doan La Mã * =- (#949)
Naled Tuaflore (#796)
Archmage Majere (#919)
south kaioshin (#779)

Ashaman the Assistant Leader, here tells more about the history and the future.

Well, Letterman and I were just experimenting with strategies during the first half of the set.
Then we got bored, and wanted to do something fun.

Since Hitmen was destroyed, we thought we would create a clan and gather a few ppl to make a new clan with almost the same objective like Hitmen, which is to kill.

After having a few ppl agreed to join, we pick a target. Naturally, Dragonz was a first choice since it has just won a war vs Hitmen.

Hitmen was too inactive for my taste.

Last set, we had several ppl in clan that didn´t use turns for a while, so when the multi problems came and we war those VN clans, we didn´t last very long. At least I didn´t last very long.
Which is why we organized our first kill run so efficiently.

23mins it took to destroy an entire clan. This is what I got from Letterman:
" - Dragonz have been neutralized. First hit 04:39:28, done by Naled Tuaflore. Last hit 05:02:38 done by Thien Than May Tinh."
I knew it was quick, cuz we keep having new targets every few mins.

So now, we´ll waiting for retaliation from Dragonz. If there´s not much action in a day or two, then we´ll have to consider new targets.

There´s no chance we can break Hitmen kill record for the set since we started late.

So now we´ll just have fun with either war or net.

For me, I´m still experimenting so it´s still interesting for me when playing gnome. That´s one race i haven´t played before. I pride myself as a quick learner. So it shouldn´t be too long before I can get a hang of it.

I think most of our members still wanna keep a low profile. Other than a few obvious one, most are secrets. I´m not sure how this war with Dragonz will turn out. I still feel NQ was a better match judging from the last time I fought them. But I could be wrong. That´s why NQ have my respect even though they lost. I like fighting ppl who won´t give up easily.

Just netting is boring. I need a reason to feel afraid, a motivation to log on to check up on my empire.

Me and letterman rarely post on forum about kills. Even during last set as Hitmen, I didn´t participate in the Hitmen thread. I don´t believe in boasting kills since it´s not that hard to accomplish. But if ppl enjoy doing that, then I can´t stop them either.
Well, in this server, kill or be killed is just a flip of a coin. No sense in boasting about it when it´ll be you in the graveyard tomorrow.

Well now we know a little more about KKD and what they are about. Its jsut to sit back and watch the rest of the war.

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