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Toran, about his death!

Interview by : at : 10:40:41 12/07/2003

I catched Toran while he was rising his new empire for the fight for FreeLancers. He may so far be one of the inosent dead so far in the clan trivial.

Here is the story from his side. He clames to have been jumped all unprepeared by 50 standard hits first.

"First Laios(clan: S&D) hit me 25 times standard they where all failed. Then Chad(clan: S&D) hit me 25 times standard most succesfull.
Then i was looking for my revenge so i thought lets hurt the best S&D player at the moment and that was West."

The rest you konw, Toran where killed by Darfius(S&D), not giving West the opertunety to kill.

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