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Strategy Massacre!

Valhall Region by : penta at : 11:09:03 19/03/2004

Over the last few hours the game at Strategy has turned. The newly created clan: Krush, Kill & Destroy (KKD), has just done exactly that. Krushed, killed, and destroyed DragonZ. Upon claims that is it the old Hitmen crew.

So the turnover was a fact as the run started for about 7 hours ago.

The run was very organized as the Hitmen are known for. Waited for all of the DragonZ and allies to log of, as determined hitmen would do. They waited it out. And succeeded. They all logged online to just wipe the streets of strategy for DragonZ players.

The leader of clan KKD, Letterman, is assumed to be the old leader of hitmen.

The first kill was made at Dragon (#749). Pentavus (#789) fall 4 minutes later. They all participated in the hits, but The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (#935) took the fianl blow on them.

Pentavus died with over 70 Billion cash, and none of it where touched. It clearly seems to be an act of revenge, and not a casual hit. They had it all planned. Down to every turn. They have no time to waste for plundering.
The runs started at 4am game time, and lasted out till 5am. Quick sweep it was.

The third to fall for the hands of KKD where Dragoness II (#941), it was Letterman that took her out.

Quickly followed Aero (#804) as the fourth, and the DragonZ leaders where killed.

Within the next nine minutes the rest of DragonZ where killed.

Will DragonZ rise again, definitely. But will they rule, the time will show. As for now the new sovereignty is KKD.

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