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Player Profile: Chong

Interview by : Dragon at : 04:15:16 17/03/2004

As most of us know, SmashZ was supposed to be the next player profile. Unfortunately, him and I have been unable to communicate due to restrictions upon me. A new friend of mine and a familiar face comes to grace the ValHall Times.

Recently, I have become friends and allies with Chong, the leader of 420 S K. He is the subject of the second Player Profile.

When did you start playing Promisance?
About two years ago.

Was it at ValHall or somewhere else?
I started at QMT Classic, played for about a month or two, then migrated over to ValHall, where I have been playing since.

When do you feel was your best set?
I feel my best set would have to be the December set, which I don`t think ended up counting. 420 S K had numerous wars and few clan members to help fend off enimies.... I had steady top 3 postion then we had a run against us. I ended up saving 2 clan members empires, but sacrificed my own empire to get my last 2 clanmates into the top ten.

When and where did 420 S K start?
420 S K started at ValHall during my second set. It started as just 420, the Stoned Killers was added later.

Do you have a strategy that you stick to? Or do you experiment around with different ones?
Usually I stick with the same strategy evertime. Only time I experiment is when I`m unclanned, which is not often.

Well, that`s all straight from Chong.

Hopefully, if all goes well, I can finish up the interview with SmashZ next week.

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