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Beta Server

Valhall Region by : Blasterboy99 at : 22:15:18 15/03/2004

We have a new server, the Beta server. This server is to check out how well you do when you get out of protection, but it is for Staff only.

You start off with 2000 turns but when you get out of protection 500 disappear into your saved turns account and 500 just vanish (when you get turns as goodies, you revert back to normal maz turns, since you cannot legally have more than 500 turns). Turns are running at a rate of 1 turn per 10 minutes, I think SmashZ needs to work on that though. All races are included and the same code as Strat is used.

This is the second of the try-outs. The first began with 500 turns. The purpose of this server is to check out which race is superior and with which race you can work best.

The new server is only played by a few players but it`s stil fun to play. At the moment there are 3 players going for first all around 80-90 mil networth. One of them, Maw, has had more tries then the other 2: Woot and Make way, make way. Dragon is a bit lower on this list and he created a clan R&D. with only two members. More to come I hope... hard to have a war on the Beta server... even harder to kill someone with such a slow turnrate.
But it`s fun so check it out, try different races and check out which you can work best with.

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