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Indy strikes back!

Valhall Region by : Justus at : 17:41:56 13/03/2004

Since labour was invented almost everybody has been playing mage. But this set playing Indy seems to be popular again. If you take look at our 2 biggest servers you will see only indy-players in the top 3!

Indy is back! After a long time of Mage-Domination the Indies are back! The Goblins have came to take over Valhall Promisance! No mager can be found in the top 5`s of our two biggest servers!

Strategy and Vintage are Indy-servers this set, both top 3 are dominated by Indy players at the moment. Only Battlefield is still dominated by Magers, but they seem to have a big advantage at Battlefield.

At Strategy we find South playing a terrific Goblin strategy and `Letterman` plays a fine Golem strategy. Those great indy players have finally found a way to take over the top 10!

At Vintage, the server without labour Indy really took over. The 4 topspots are all taken by Goblins. South, Caesar, Lord Corwin and Lords of Magic are definatly doing a great job. The Magers, Farmers, Cashers & Resellers have searched lower grounds...

Good to see the Indy-Strategy is popular again, what will happen remains quite uncertain. There might be a few Magers who are ready to strike! Maybe some storers who are going to jump at the end of the set. But the first halve of the set is definatly owned by Indies!

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