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That`s all folks!

Valhall Region by : Justus at : 19:20:03 29/02/2004

Well that`s it guys! The set is over! Let`s take a look at our 3 servers and see how the set turned out!


The strategy server has been won by North, with a networth over $1.8 Billion. But he was closely followed by Mawerick with a networth over $1.1 Billion. I am still wondering who he is. South has done a great job as an indy ending at rank #5.
We only see 2 clanned players in the top 10, both Hitmen.

Snake was first online hit by South and later both Snake & Archmage were killed by West, they took all of their chances away to win the set.

Some other familiar players can be found at:

Chad #4, South #5, Kull #19, Upon #21, Coramoor #23, Stix #26, Razia #28, Starfire #38, Caesar #39, Scorpion #51, and the once so powerful Laios can be found at #71.

`Hitmen` has won with an average networth of $233,456,561 and over 10,000 offenses and 64 Kills. The have definatly started some high records, but they end the set with only 5 members, out of the 17 members possible! So we see there isn`t a real powerful and dominating clan at the end of the set.

`Elli` is second with an average networth of $61,184,684, followed by `420SK` with $35,841,716.

It was a nice, and interesting set at our Strategy server. In the shortest month of the year.


At Vintage we find the 3 top empires with a difference smaller than $2 Million networth. They are all around $160M. Jabberwock/Grizzmo, Mawerick & North have done a good job.
A little disappointing might be the fact they are all Drows.

At Rank #4 we find South as a powerful dwarf, and he has definatly done a great job. With most offenses and Defenses he is definatly the most honourable guy around.

He has gave the top 3 drows a very hard time, by taking North down from a top position of $200 Million by hitting him real hard. And randomly hitting the others. When North tried to take some land back; the set ended, leaving Jabberwock at rank #1.

*AS* has won the set by leaving `Red` far behind. We find Chad at rank #8, Dragon at #13 & Kull at #148.

And let`s not forget Naled Tuaflore who has just returned and has ended at an excellent rank #5 with a networth of $60 Million. Lord Corwin of Amber ends the his first Vintage set at rank #6, Lords of Magic is at #7, and the second empire of ReliC can be found at #9. The Shadows is the last empire of the top 10.


Coramoor (Ashaman) has won Battlefield by far. With a rating above 12,500, he has done a great job. I want to encourage `procomac`, `Sombra da morte` & `Death eater` since they have done a good job aswell.

I hope ReliC will return next set, he has been at #1 a lot but he was killed 6 times. Good job anyway ReliC!

Well I guess that is about it, these are the facts and no one can change them! A good set with a lot of events, and even more multies.

Have fun in the new set, March 2004, 31 days of fun here at `The Valhall Gaming Network`!

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