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The Multies

Interview by : penta at : 20:26:35 27/02/2004

It`s high time to get the story from behind the scene, but first let`s hear what the people in the game says.

I got a hold of our beloved interview object, Ceasar. Now let`s see what he says about it.

What does you think about all the multies we have seen around latly?

"Seen multis before, fought them before, the whole thing is waste of time, multi runners should be anally raped by rogue hamsters!"

Would you consider playing multies since "all" the others do?

"Too much effort!"

"Gotta realize we aren`t talking about a few multies we are talking about a full blown multi runner."

Is Valhall bether of whit multis (since we also have seen a large rise in the player base) or is it "good" to her them around?

"Multis just spoil the game as its really one prick playing with himself."

So, you think its like a "seriemulti" and not just a group of friends abusing school computers?

"Im pertty sure its an experienced multi runner just cos of the scale of the cheating... or else its some very sad people with too much time on their hands."

Do you think the amount of players have any thing to do whit all the multies?

"Couldn`t be bothered.. multis are here and im no longer very interested in the game."

"Ill try and kill em and if they kill me so be it!"

So you would say it ruins the game more to have 400 players than 100, since 100 accounts is marked as multi?

"If we had 400 individual players that would be awesome but somehow i find it hard to believe we have doubled or tripled our player base in one week and everyone happens to be from vietnam."

"Just doesn`t add up."
What does you think the administration of valhallgames have to do?

"Ban the ip!!!"

Last you have any thing on your mind to add?

"They just invented a new coffin just for EOA that goes over the head. It`s for people who are dead from the neck up."

Well that where what Ceasar had to say about the seriemulties, now over to the game administration.

Chad: "-SmashZ is working on the banning code, and will hopefully have it in place this weekend, in time for the new set."

SmashZ: "-Jupp, we will be banning massive amounts of Multi ips.."

"I have also went into a small partnership with ZAP admins. And its very likely a ban at Valhall will result in a ZAP ban too, and also othervise."

"So if you are caught cheating in any of your sites you face a major ban."

So you seriemulti dont feel like you are safe. Becouse listen what chad said in respons of SmashZ annonsment.

Chad: "-I`m also working with Soljern at QMT. So it`s now a triple alliance."

To enclose this lil interview, I will say things are going to change and teh changes are enormus. Now you cant cheat at one game and move on to teh next. You now are sat out of busniess.
Nice triple alliance there; Valhall, ZAP and QMT.

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