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100 hours left...

Valhall Region by : Justus at : 15:30:51 25/02/2004

The set is ending; February was a short month but it was definatly one with a lot of surprises. It is still a mystery who will win the set, with 100 hours left on the clock people are starting to get nervous....


We have seen a lot of action here lately, the set started with the big war of NQ vs. Hitmen. Hitmen seemed to have won this war, but after the loss of NQ-tag, Hitmen seems to be still under fire. Will they make it to the end with only 100 hours left on the clock?

The networths are rising pretty fast as well, North is still on top with a networth around $2,000,000,000 but his position is quite fragile. His chances of winning the set are shrinking. Will Snake defeat him as mager? Or will there be someone else standing up?

Hitmen is definatly the strongest clan around with 63 kills at the moment, they really lived up to their name. But what is 420SK planning to do in these final days?

Strategy seems to have an interesting ending, with a mass playerbase of 350 (240 without disabled empires). We`ve had a great February set so far.


With 96 players, Vintage has became an interesting server. North is currently on rank 1 with a networth about the $180,000,000, but South (Family Member) is doing a very good job as an indy. He has a big chance of winning the `Best player` of Vintage award this set. There are 5 Drows in the top 10 so nothing is certain yet. Will Jabberwock win the set like he has done many times?

Vintage only has 2 real clan, `Red` and `AS`. Red seems to be the strongest of both and is doing the best job so far. But AS usually makes a big jump at the end of the set so we will see what happens.


The fights at Battlefield has been rough this set, 87 players trying to bring the most damage to others. Visiting the graveyard is very popular this set, atleast this is what names like `Dew III` & `Aim high, Shoot low VI` tell me.

`Wagon Wheels` seems to be winning the set with a rating above the 5000! But, like we all know, nothing is certain in the game called Battlefield.

Have a pleasant last 100 hours, good luck & have fun!

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