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Player Profile: Caesar

Interview by : Dragon at : 05:44:43 25/02/2004

Most of us know Caesar as the leader of the InfidelZ, but not much else is known to us. Allow me to give some insight into this player`s profile.

When did you first start playing Promisance?
April of last year.

Did you start at ValHall?
Well I started playing regularly on Valhall, but have been around forums on a lot of other servers.

Which Promisance do you like the best?
ValHall. Only reason I started playing regularly is because I love the code.

Any particular server on ValHall you like the best?
Strategy, or the old Battle.

Do you prefer to played clanned or unclanned?
Depends. I`m kind of tired of leading clans. But I`m partial to play in a clan when asked.

What`s your favorite race?
Probably Golem, but I haven`t played it in awhile.... I think the races I use the most are Drow and Gnome though I`m not proud of either strategy.

Lastly, who do you think your biggest rival is and why?
End of All. Well as Starfire once said, "his skills are so mad that anyone on the wrong side of them usually ends up winning." ( - - Starfire quote)

Well, that`s all. Thanks for being the first of hopefully many.

Stayed tuned as each week I`ll bring you a new player profile.

Next week: SmashZ the Administrator

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