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For those who forgot

Science by : Dragon at : 01:03:09 23/02/2004

Rules are there for a reason. Some have seemingly forgotten...

With 104 empires disabled in Strategy, I feel it might be necessary to review the rules.

Welcome to Promisance, the first step to running your own empire is to signup!
The administrators reserve the right to delete any accounts not abiding by the rules.

Basic Rules: Multiple Accounts
Multiple accounts ARE NOT PERMITTED in this game, including sharing acounts and baby-sitting.
Never give you your password or login to anyone!
If anyone is found using multiple accounts, all of the accounts in question will be disabled.
If, however, you have a special situation (e.g. family member plays too), please send e-mail here with an explanation.
Alternatively you can message any admin or moderator ingame.
Server Abuse
Foul language, hacking, porn, warez, etc. are not permitted on this server; offenders will be deleted and banned.
Technical Support
If you have any problems in this game and must send e-mail to an administrator, you MUST include all of the following in your e-mail message:

1. The game in which you are having a problem (Valhall Vintage).
2. The name and number of all empires involved (i.e. your empire).
3. The nature of the problem.

Failure to include all 3 of the above will likely result in your message being ignored and deleted.

Multis are illegal, and give you an unfair advantage. If anyone feels that someone may be multying, report it to an Admin. Better safe than sorry right?

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