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Game Census

Topic by : Dragon at : 09:44:14 19/02/2004

It is new, but yet it is seemingly helpful. Giving you a general idea, actually a full idea of what`s around, the game census is an interesting addition to ValHall.

According to the game census right now...

Peasants 140,706,099
Land Acres 3,016,562
Water Mass 1,479,162
Money $1,064,101,051,247
Grains 25,476,941,673
Fish 7,756,929,746
Networth $7,656,370,079
Health 92%
Tax Rate 16%
Footmen 416,760,575
Catapults 453,598,596
Zeppelins 256,334,449
Galleons 243,130,442
Wizards 205,822,293

If you know what each thing is worth in terms of networth, it may be a very useful tool. It could help you figure out who has what troops, and who doesn`t. Although it is a little vague it that matter, it does help.

The troop of choice is Catapults, with over 450M of them scattered around the arena. Surprisingly, wizards aren`t as popular as expected...

Fish too are not popular it seems. This tool can not only help discover what things player`s dislike or perfer, but it can also help the players themselves find out what is best to have.

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