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North Quadrant takes a HIT

Interview by : Total Anarchy at : 13:42:37 09/02/2004

In the span of 12 hours, NQ has been beaten down to nothing more then a pile of ashes, 10 members have died, and only 2 have rejoined the clan so far. Is this the End of NQ?

Interview With Ferret

Ok, what brought this war about?
Well, people wanted a shot at NQ. This is a war game. People who joined my clan did so on the sole incentive of -who wants to kill with me?- It was bound to happen.

What is Hitmen hoping to benefit from this war?
Benefit? satisfaction of killing the largest clan in strategy. satisfaction of having our thirst for blood quenched other than that, I guess the money and troops theyve been stocking is a nice lil bonus

Is it the intention of your clan to kill all of NQ, or do you plan to leave some alive?
Why be happy with a slice of the cake when you can have the whole damn thing? any and all under the NQ tag will be in fear of Hitmen. We do not take prisoners. We do not leave anyone alive.

So Hitmen is in this game for the glory of the Kill?
NW is too easy. Extremely too easy. Killing the people who go for the NW is where the fun is. My ideas on their strategy and the way NW gainers are playing is in the suggestion forum.

So you would like the game evened out more, so the races/strategies are on more of an even playing field? (just like in your forum posting)
Ive only played at Valhall for 6 months, not very long compared to the veterans there. I have played enough games and versions to know when something needs to be fixed. Ive talked to many people Ive played with at Valhall on what works and what does not work. Unfortunately, there is a huge difference between certain strategies which is mostly due to the turn rate. I like the turn rate, so I rather have the code adjusted.

Who is in your clan? or would you rather people find out after the set is over?
My clan is full of anybody and everybody who prefers to kill and have fun over Netgaining. I run an open door policy - anyone can join, but expectations are made and if they are not met, do not be surprised if you are on the wrong end of the gun. If they want to show themselves, let them. If they like to remain undercover, so be it.

So the expectation is kill or be killed? No mercy for the weak?
Thats right. The only way to become better is to challenge oneself. NQ is not like PP. PP was a mere warm up to predict the costs of a kill run on ones empire and how to prepare for NQ. If any member refuses to cooperate, they will be given a chance to redeem themselves. I dont like to kill former members, but I will not be hesitant to add additional empires to our kill list. Those who try will become better. Those who try hard will become better faster.

Final Question... is everyone meeting the expectations you have set out so far?
My first expectation was only 1 maybe 2 people to join me. I have quite a bit more. Not only that, but many of them I have not played with before and have questioned their effort. After the first kill run...all doubt is removed from my mind. I am VERY pleased with the crew I have and their enthusiasm and attitude. They like blood as much as I do. Its been a long time. A very long time.

Thank-You for the Interview
Thx for the interview...I like the publicity. Im a fame whore ;D

This Interview was done prior to the beginning of the War.

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