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Cold Wind Blows From the North

Interview by : Dragon at : 19:04:30 08/02/2004

A good mix of players, killers and netgainers alike, have come together under the leadership of North to form the clan North Quadrant. For a while, they held most of the top ten...

Most of the players in North Quandrant are known to us. They were chosen by North and now sit as one of the largest clans in Strategy.

My first interview was with Miz Angel, who was invited by North to join North Quadrant.

Do you have any personal goals in the clan?
Getting to first just like everyone else.

What`s your role in the clan?
Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Does the position suit your talents?
I guess North wouldn`t put me in that spot if he didn`t think I had someting to contribute with.

Do you feel the clan has many enemies?
I don`t feel that we have that many enemies, just that we took almost the entire top 10 ranking a few days ago, and the other clans may be afraid that we would be too big, it`s expected that they will try to keep us down... Everyone wants to be up there.

Who do you feel is the biggest asset to the clan?
The entire clan is filled with good and respectable players... and everyone has something good to offer... the time will show....

(As of right now, no other NQ members are available. Updates to this article shall come soon)

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