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Vintage = Netgaining?

Valhall Region by : gradmin at : 21:34:54 01/02/2004

Vintage is awfully quiet these days. All people are doing is netgaining. And there isn´t much action going on, or is there...

As it seems now, the people that are playing Vintage are just interested in netgaining. Scorpion is on top at the moment. Darkling army is second only a few millions behind. He has not got as much land as Scorpion though, and third is Lords of Magic who has a clan to back him up.


There are five clans in Vintage. The biggest ones are The Bloodlust and Hard at Work, with both four members and another clan: Cobi Jo with 3. there are 2 one-man-clans. One is lead by Geist and the other one by Belevedere. It’s quiet between the 5 clans, maybe to quiet. Allthough The Bloodlust has some enemies, they aren’t willing enough to strike against them to kill them. They don’t really need to because they are the only clan with 2 people in top 10. They went to war with cobies but no victims have fallen yet. The Bloodlust don’t really have to because they have somewhat more networth than cobies. Let’s hope some people get killed so we can all go up the rank a bit.

(By ReliC)

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