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Strategy: A New Realm

Valhall Region by : Dragon at : 17:38:56 19/01/2004

Strategy used to be a slower place where people could relax as they gained net, but not always...

Turns come at a rate of 3 every 10 minutes now, making it both faster and slower than its predecessors. Unlikes previous sets, killing is not common. Only five empires have been killed. Killing has moved over to Battlefield where eighty-one empires have been conquered.


The largest clan at the moment is Dragonz, which took an earlier loss of almost $15 billion dollars from the clan treasury when something went wrong in the server. (They simply detagged and re-made the clan) Only their leader, Dragon, is in the top ten, but the others are not too far behind. Seven of the nine are in the top 50. This clan has three kills and $357,005,875 between them. They are the third most powerful clan.

The second largest and most powerful clan is South Quadrant. They have eight members, with three in the top ten. They have over $1 billion net between them.

The second most powerful clan is Ownage, which consists of Killaz , Archmage, and a few others. Together they have $573,950,882 net.

Will more kills be added soon? The answer may not be too far off with the set now a little over half finished.

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