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The Killing Grounds

Valhall Region by : Dragon at : 17:01:55 11/01/2004

At the start of our second full week of playing, it seems things are going to be brutal. The graveyard is littered with bodies and the players are bloodthirsty.

Many of us did not understand Battlefield when we first started playing. Some told us it was the same as QM Turbo, which many of us never played, because we started here. As a little bit of time passed, the game itself selected those who would stay and who would go. It seems players who only indy have abandoned Battlefield, in hopes that their skills still hold true in Strategy. It takes a killer to stay strong in Battlefield.

Unlike days of old, this time Battlefield is not littered with abandonments. Only three out of the forty-seven dead empires were suiciders.


Right now, Dragon holds the most kills with six, followed closely by Well, Some Call Me Master and Game Administrator, both with five kills.


Dragon holds rank one with a rating of 992, followed by Well, Some Call Me Master (937) and Death Eater (796). The player with the highest rating whose in the graveyard is Scorpion (2,113)


Although networth matters little, it is good for protecting your rating. Well, Some Call Me Master has the highest with $302,792,279.

So at the start of the second week, Dragon is in first followed by Archmage and Death Eater. It is unlikely these three will hold their top spots, seeing as everyone else is out to get them. But perhaps they can. As always, time will show us the way. Let us wait and see how this first set of Battlefield will turn out.

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