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Dragons at War

Interview by : Dragon at : 00:06:29 12/12/2003

Peacefully netgaining. Something utopian and divine, yet also impractical. It seems that things have come to a head early this set. The war has shifted from X and moved on to Dragons.

The original purpose of Dragons was to kick ZAP! out of ValHall and send them back to their own Promisance. Now, Dragons has taken up arms and war with the Innocent InfidelZ, who are no longer innocent. Or are they?

Unclear as to exactly what is going on with two of the best clans in Battle, I sought to reach the bottom of this war. In an interview with West, I delved into the depths of clan Dragons.

What clan are you in?

I am in Dragons.

Who are you currently at war with?

Innocent InfidelZ at the moment. I think SSK420 also seeks death.

I thought you were going to be fighting ZAP! this set.

In fact I am fighting ZAP!, but this time without a good leader. Caeser is playing the ZAP strat he says. ZAP´s leader Anthrax is helping him. They aren´t doing a good job either way. they had a kill run today and only maneged to kill 4 Dragons.

Who was killed?

I think names are not important, let´s say, they didn´t hit the right one...

Who started the war?

Well at first clans Innocent and Dragons had a DNH under 10K pact. They crossed it, but we forgave them. Lawrencius joined our clan, but fucked it up by killing one of Innocent's members. I think that gave Innocent the idea to war us.

So Law killed one person, and they killed four. Think your two clans can come to peace or with this war last?

Peace? What´s that?

::laughs:: So your going to war all set if need be? What if SSK420 joins? Think you can have a two front war?

No problem. Dragons isn´t an ordinary clan, remember that.

I'll be watching to see how this war turns out. Best of luck to you and your clan.

Thank you.

That's what West has to say on this war. On a side note, Lawrencius has been removed from Dragons. But as we know, war cannot be one-sided. I next interviewed a couple guys from the InfidelZ side..

Who started the war?

Starfire: They did.

Caeser: Dragons. They killed our best player right guys?

Starfire: They embezzled $80B from Caeser and killed EoA. We were actually all about netgaining until caesar got robbed, then EoA got killed. That was the last straw.

Which one of you struck back first?

Caeser: It was a team effort. If dragons were offline now they would all be dead.

You said EoA is the best in your clan. Do you think that's why Lawrencius targeted him first?

Starfire: I'm sure of it. I think Law was so jealous of EoA's obvious skills and was afraid of him being alive and on our side.

Wise Wanderer: Wouldn't doubt it. He just rallied and attacked, which was quite foolish.

Caeser: I think it was to break clan morale.

Are you going to kill Law last?

Caeser: Law is by far our main target. He single handedly nearly crippled us by killing our clan mascot, EoA.

If Law is the main target, why didn't you kill him first?,/b>

Caeser: Because we saved the best for last.

Wise Wanderer: So it would be more glorifying I assume.

That's what I gathered from them. Now all I can do is sit back and watch the show.

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