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Silence before the storm?!

Valhall Region by : gradmin at : 01:41:02 11/12/2003

It has become silent at Battle, the wars seem to be over. The clans have started netgaining, but will they keep going on like this or will there soon be a big war?

The Battle server is quiet. The clans are trying to get some networth. The wartime seems to be over. Let's take a look at the 5 largest clans (more than 3 players):

Dark Magicians (Dragons):

Some veterans have gathered together and have formed a clan at Battle. With over $100 Million average networth this clan is the strongest of battle. The Dark Magicians haven't been in rough fights yet, but what hasn't happened yet can still happen.

Innocent InfidelZ (1nn0(3n7):

The second strongest clan of Battle, with Caesar as leader. Like the name makes you expect they haven't been in war yet. They are really innocent.

Santa's Stoned KillerZ of 420 (SSK420):

With 10 players this clan is the biggest of Battle. They are holding a good third position. They have killed off clan '31337' and have now started to work on their networth.

The Matrix (X):

This new clan is kind of low ranked, but they do have most offenses, defenses and kills. After a rough war with UA (Unholy Avengers) they have also begun to netgain.

Weeeey SHAM (SHAM):

SHAM is a new clan with 8 members, no real wars yet but not much networth either. But the 3 empires in protection might be the cause of that.

Sabbat (Sabbat):

An unknown clan which still has the lowest average networth. No wars for them either. Come one guys, show us what you've got!


The Dark Magicians are 'Warlords' like we have seen before, perhaps they will war another strong clan.

I think the biggest chances of war are:

Dark Magicians VS. InfidelZ.
Dark Magicians VS. SSK420.

Only time will tell...

Good luck everybody, and have fun!

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