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The Killers of Battle?

Topic by : Dragon at : 21:33:34 06/12/2003

There are many clans in Battle, yet one seems to stick out as killers. We all know that 420SK are killers for hire, but what about the new clan Matrix?


Not much is known about The Matrix. They all have names of characters from the movies, which suggests that they planned this clan for some time.


They started off slowly, being warred with by UA and 31337. Most of them were killed, and had to recreate. They begin their killing campaign after Morpheus and Neo recreated. They caught a break when two UA members were disabled, for reasons unknown to me. The started successful kill runs, destroying the entire clan UA. Their kill total is now eleven, putting them as the clan with the most kills so far this set.

Who are the members of The Matrix? Hopefully, I'll be able to find out and let you, the readers, know what kind of force hides in the shadows known only as...

The Matrix.

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