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Peace in Strategy

Valhall Region by : Dragon at : 03:09:45 05/12/2003

So far, Strategy has been pretty peaceful. With no kills and only 360 offences (compared to 3000+ in Battle), Strategy seems to be little like the war-torn server of the past two sets.


As we all should know, the past two sets of the Strategy server have been bloody, war-torn nightmares.

We should also know, that Caeser has won the past two sets, coming very near to breaking Archmage Majere's networth record ($666,856,572) this past November set (Caeser had $654,140,476 networth).


This set, there are a few clans. The largest of which is the Army of Darkness, a four person clan consisted of D'hara, Dragon, Killaz, and Cerenza. The next largest clan, also the strongest, is SSK420, made up of Chong and Cheech.

There isn't too much action in Strategy yet, but hopefully there will be some action soon. I shall keep you up to date as events unfold for the final set of 2003.

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