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First 24 hours at Battle !

Valhall Region by : Ravenshir at : 18:08:26 02/12/2003

It's going to be a red Christmas season...

Not yet 24 hours into the December set, Vykos(#63) of the Unholy Avengers (UA) has already slain Neo(#12) of clan Matrix (X). It looks like the server's coming right to an early boil, folks...

So far the top positions are interspersed with random clanless empires, with 'From Yours Truely (#93)' holding the leading position.

On the clan front, SHAM, Matrix, 31337 (each numbering 6 members) and UA (with 9) are jostling for positions in the top 30, and a solitary SSK420 member is currently taking his ease at rank #3. Now numbering 3 of their usual 9 members, clan ZAP! is nowhere to be seen, and in fact, does not have a single empire out of protection. Being the clan winners of the last 2 sets, it would be interesting to see if they can pull a hat-trick, but they've made claims on the forums that they will not be very active this set, it being their summer vacation month. We shall just have to wait and see what happens.

AS and DSS are also noticeably absent.

Good luck to all players.

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