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First 12 hours at Battle!

Valhall Region by : gradmin at : 00:02:45 02/12/2003

The first 12 hours have passed at our Battle server. Let's see what happened on the first day of the set. After just coming off a great set we are expecting another great one...

6 Clans with more than 1 player were formed on the first day. The 3 largest clans seem to be clans who aren't familiar to Valhall...

31337 is back again. This clan thinks they are the best, and exists out of 6 players so far. They took the first six positions so far, so they are the 'Elite' at the moment.

The Matrix:
Another 6 member clan is 'The Matrix'. All of their players are called after Matrix names. They seem to have planned their clan before the set started.

Clan 'SHAM' has 5 members. This clan is lead by Flyby and also seem to be new players.

ZAP! has also formed a clan already, but it only has 2 members so far. They won last set, perhaps the December set will be in their hands as well.

420SK has returned as SSK420 this set, with a blink to the coming Christmas they have called themselves 'Santa's Stoned KillerZ' this set.

UA, 'Unholy Avengers' also created already. With 3 members they end the first day of the December set.

The set seems to become a quite interesting one, with the 3 largest clans being unknown and the winning clan of last set returning.

Good luck!

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