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Looking Ahead

Valhall Region by : Dragon at : 03:57:19 01/12/2003

Last set is ended. North wrote about that in his latest article. But here's a look ahead, into the December sets of Battle and Strategy.

A new set is upon us. Signups are open, but as of right now turns are yet to start running.

In battle, there are 34 empires signed up. As we all know, many more are soon to come. Some people, such as Dragon, are not going to be playing this set, whereas others, such as Killaz, have returned to Valhall. As a side note, ZAP! is back this set. Last set, they won, due to Cleric's amazing $10 billion networth win. There's talk that the object of many clans this set is strictly to destroy ZAP!, just like two sets ago.

Last set, Caeser topped the charts with $600 million networth. Can he do it again this set? One clan is already guranteed for this December set, The Armies of Darkness. So far membership includes Dragon and D'hara. Perhaps North will bring DSS back this set. Perhaps, AoE and InfidelZ might also make an appearence, no matter how brief for AoE.

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