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In the end...

Valhall Region by : gradmin at : 01:18:33 01/12/2003

The November set is finally over, after 30 rough days we can look back at what happened. Who has proven to be a good player, and which clan was best.


Zap! has really proven itself this set. They have showed us that teamplay is just as important as skill.
They have won the set and as a crown on their work, 'Cleric' has the #1 position with over $10 billion networth.

Cheech has also done a great job, ending in the top 3 as a Minotaur, something which is extremely rare at the Battle server.

Typical for this set is the fact that magers didn't have the upperhand this set, which usually is the case at the Battle server.


Caeser has won the set at Strategy with a Gnome strat. He had done a good job getting his networth so high it was too high to hit. Just a ptty he remained unclanned.

At Strategy, we find North at the second position and Tankerfly at the third, both with networth above the $100 million mark.

DSS has won this Strategy set fair and square, they have defeaten every clan at Strategy. DragonZ was the only clan left next to DSS, but they ended below DSS. With 21 kills, over 5000 offenses, and over 7000 defenses, DSS has definitly won the set.

Typical for the Strategy set was the fact that the normally powerful clan AoE is nowhere to be found at the end. They were defeated by DSS in the beginning of the set and didn't return.


North has won the set at Vintage with networth over $200 million. He was followed by Frenzic Fuzy and Scorpion.

AS has won the set, despite a lot of resistance. The victory of AS was quite unexpected because AS had been in war a lot, and Gamemaster was the last member standing. But thanks to a great recovery they won the set after all.

Great to see that the playerbase of Vintage is growing every set, the classical version of Valhall Promisance is still popular.

The November set has been great, with a lot of war and a lot of good players. But we hardly have time to look back since the sign ups of the December set have already opened. I can't wait to see what happens this set.

Good luck everybody.

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