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International by : gradmin at : 00:36:57 27/11/2003

This week a new movie entered the movie theaters, "Love Actually". It is a movie with many story lines, all based on love and humor. A nice movie to take your girlfriend (or Boyfriend) to. Also a nice movie to watch with Christmas.

I was playing some Promisance when my brother called to my room, and asked me if I was interested in going to the movies with him and my parents. So I asked him what movie they were planning on going to, "Love Actually" he said, with Hugh Grant. So I was imagining a real boring love story, but decided to read some reviews first.

I read thru the internet and saw it was rated pretty well, so I decided to go with them.

After some nice previews of Lotr 3, the movie started. And I was quiet impressed, many storylines, some romance and great humor, all supported by music which fitted in perfectly well.

Hugh Grant, one of the actors did a great job playing the Prime Minister of Britain. Who got visited by the American president. Bill Nighy playing an old popstar is trying to take the #1 position from 'Blue' with a Christmass remake of "Love is All Around", "Christmas is All Around". And Rowan Atkinson playing a jewelry seller who takes it all quite easy.
All great fun.

And if you look good enough, you will also see Denise Richards and Elisha Cuthbert (Kim Bauer, 24) walking around in the movie. Also many other famous actors can be found as figurant.

The movie was much better than I expected, so if one of these days your brother calls you to ask you to go to "Love Actually" with him, you know what to say. But, you can also just take your loved one to this great movie.

(See forum to discuss this movie further.)
(Look at for trailers)

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