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How will Strategy end...

Valhall Region by : at : 22:01:26 20/11/2003

The Strategy war has finally come to an end. But there are a few clans left who may still fight it out to be Superior to the rest. Could there be war or will it all end in Peace. Let's see how leader of DSS, North thinks about it.

I’m talking here to North, leader of the DSS clan. I’ll ask him about how the Strategy set will end. Will it end in War or in peace...

Who do you think is going to win the clan war on Strategy? And do you think some records will be broken?

Well the race is between Dragonz and DSS at the moment, DSS is busy with wars and killing, a killcount of 19 for the entire clan is a lot. Dragonz is busy with netgaining so they are ahead of us. After our war is over we might be able to take over the #1 position as a clan.

Records, I don't know what the clankill-record is, but DSS might brake it.

Couldn't there begin a war Between DragonZ and DSS?

Well, Dragon, Dragoness & Cerenza are all people I sympathise a lot, I think they deserve a fair chance to win. I think we had enough war already. Dragonz also has a lot of new players who I would like to stay and have a good chance to learn the game.

So you don't think Dragonz will start a war to destroy DSS and become the Top clan on Strategy?
I don't think they will try that, I think they don't have that need and just want to try to bring to the set to a good end.

2/3 of the time has allmost passed do you think anyone can catch booster?

I hope someone will try to catch him, because he shouldn't be winning too easily, maybe some mager can pull him down. He did a good job anyway.

Who do you think can catch him?

I don't have a specific name in my mind, I think he will win the set but perhaps some mager is able of stopping him....

And if a few people will team up against him?

That is possible, perhaps it will happen. I haven't heard about it yet.

And further. Do you think Whomp and R&R will rise again?

I think R&R won't return, they got killed by DSS and have never been seen ever after. Whomp still has 2 players in protection, Total Anarchy has been busy lately so didn't had the chance to continue the war. He also declared to me he never really wanted a war he just wanted to get even with West.

So this is how North thinks about the end of Strategy. We shall see what happens in this last part of the set. We’ll just have to wait...

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