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European Championship?!

International by : gradmin at : 22:50:10 19/11/2003

Holland was terribly lost, they were almost out of possibility's to reach the Europian Championship of Soccer. They had only one possibility left... Defeat Scotland, in 2 matches one in Scotland and one in Holland....

And they lost the first match in Scotland! With 1-0 Scotland defeated Holland, while Scotland is on 50 at the FIFA ranklist and Holland at 5.

So now Holland had to win with atleast 2-0 in own country....

In the meanwhile Norway was in the same situation.
They had to play against Spain to reach the Europian Championship, they lost the first match in Spain with 2-1...

The second match came and Norway had to win with atleast 2-0 in their own country, but instant of winning with 2-0 they lost with 0-3...
Norway misses the Europian Championship....

But later that night Holland had to play it's second match against Scotland, in Holland (Amsterdam Arena). With the Europian Championship on stake the match starts, barely 15 minutes past and the first goal was made, by Holland! 1-0! A beautifull goal by Sneyder '14. In the '32 minute, Ooijer made a goal 2-0!, if they can keep this score Holland will go to the Europian Championship in Portugal.

In the '37 minute of the game Van Nistelrooy makes the 3-0, the match seems to be in the pocket. The break comes, after 47 minutes of playing, Holland is satisfied, but they can not get lazy.

After the break the game continues, and the level is the same, in the '51 minute Van Nistelrooy makes 4-0, in the '64 minute De Boer makes 5-0, and in the '67 minute Van Nistelrooy makes 6-0 with his 3rd goal that match.

In total 6 Yellow cards get handed out, 2 for Holland and 4 for Scotland. But it doesn't matter anymore, Holland wins with 6-0 and goes to the Europian Championship in Portugal!

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