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Strategy Littered with War

Valhall Region by : Dragon at : 19:07:49 16/11/2003

Once again, the Strategy server has been overrun by war, but this time, there is a series of wars between many different clans. Clans make up over half of the entire Strategy server, making it a war-torn society that you may just want to avoid.

The Clans
In Strategy, there are eleven clans: Allsquare (-AS-), The One True GOD (Allah), death is everywhere (die), The DragonZ (DragonZ), The Dutch Secret Service (DSS), Full Worm Garden (FWG), GhostBuster (Ghost), Bloody Katana (Hm), Resist & Ridicule (R&R), The Mofos (TM), and the sound (Whomp). Two other clans, AoE and Rev, made brief appearences before they were destroyed.

Clan Wars
For clan wars, die is at war with DragonZ and Hm. DragonZ is at war with die and Allah. Hm is at war with Allah. Allah is at war with DragonZ and Hm, while DSS is at war with Whomp and R&R. R&R, Whomp, and Ghost are all at war with DSS.

Clan Kills
DSS leads with clan kills, having a total of nine. Whomp and Allah come next with four kills. Next, R&R and DragonZ with three each, followed by Ghost with two and die with one. (Both Ghost and Allah are one-person clans)

Clan Offences
DSS leads the offences with over twenty-six hundred! They are ahead of the second clan, R&R by almost nineteen hundred attacks. Clan TM, has no offences nor defences, making them the only pacifist clan.

Clan Networth
DSS has the highest networth, $59,565,887, but they lead by barely $115,000. Whomp has $59,450,454 networth. Even with four less clannies, Whomp is still very close to taking first over DSS. R&R comes in third with $52,769,022, while DragonZ makes a nice fourth with $41,944,190.

Single Player
For single player achievements, The Professional (#48) is in first with $121,308,171, over $60 million ahead of Booster (#14), who holds second with $58,003,134. The Professional (#48) also has the most land at 88,946 acres and the most sea at 21,429 square acres. Korea has the most military offences with 455, and Booster has the most defences with 251. For kills, Odin is ahead of Total Anarchy by four kills, bringing his total to seven. In all, 26 empires have been killed and 15 have been abandoned.

So there the news from the Strategy server. In this war-torn world where only the strong survive. Where the men are men, the women are men, and little children run in fear. Can you take up the challenge and fight here? So if you are feeling daring, come to Strategy and try to survive...

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