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Once again, another low playerbase is in Vintage. 30 signed up, 1 was killed, and 10 have been abandoned. What is the point of creating an empire if your just going to abandon it?

Reasons to Join
Many players join Vintage to return to the basics. Lower turn rate than battle giving you a longer life expectancy, no sea which is kind of insignificant anyway, the opportunity to enhance your skills using the original races, many of which aren't used as much as some of the newer races, and the chance to get to know other people in a friendlier environment.

There's an even distribution of networth without the large gaps that are usually found in Battle and Strategy. Land is low and so, therefore, are the chances to enlarge your empire by just attacking, you'll need to use tact and skill here.

With only two clans it is unlikely that there will be a full scale war. However, that doesn't mean that the clans won't fight it out to emerge on top. The largest clan, Full Worm Garden, has all five of its members in the top twenty, with two in the top ten. Sombra Da Morte, a member of .:FWG:. is the only empire with a kill, suggesting that clanning isn't for protection, but rather as a way to help others. The other clan, Allsquare, has only two members, both in the top ten.

Why is the playerbase low?
People seem to join Vintage to have an alternative to the mayhem of the larger servers. But, they find Vintage too slow without action, so turn back to the larger servers to spend most of their time. If, perhaps, there were more clans and clanwars, then playerbase would, hopefully, increase.

Remember, Vintage is only as fun and exciting as you, the players, make it. The game is there for you, and you will get out of it what you put into it.

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