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DSS: Dutch Secret Service

Interview by : Dragon at : 00:52:35 04/11/2003

North has been a member of many clans, and takes many n00bs under his wing of guidance. Now, he is back in both Battle and Strategy leading a new, powerful clan with an excellent mix of veterans and newbies.

The Dutch Secret Service, an all Dutch clan lead by North, has come to Strategy and Battle.

Why did you decide to start an all Dutch clan?
Well, DSS is my oldest clan which I start at the Slow server a year ago. It was a n00b clan, I doubt anyone remembers it. We had some Dutch players but there weren't enough players to fill a clan with at that time. After a while we became stronger, were terrific netgainers, always fighting with AoE, and always losing. It has been a while since DSS has been around, and since we have a bunch of new Dutch players I decided to create a 100% Dutch clan.

You mentioned that you warred and lost to AoE. Are you going to let bygones be bygones or continue the warring?
Depends, I am not planning on attacking AoE, I even played in their clan last set. Normally we can get along for 3 weeks and then one of us starts a war. For this set I would like not to, but if we don't have a choice....
We defeated AoE once, by taking over control of the clan, but they returned as the Emerald Warriors, and outnetgained us after all....

What is the main netgaining strategy?
We have a well balanced team with magers, cashers/resellers, and an indy-player. The top 3 exists for DSS only, so we are doing a good job so far.... I can't tell you everything of course.

Of course. Who in the clan do you think will benefit most from the experience?
I think it is a great experience for everyone, a 100% Dutch clan, but players like Blasterboy99 wil benefit the most of it. Also Scorpion because he isn't too experienced at Strategy yet.

Anything you wish to tell our readers?
I wish everybody a great set, and lots of fun. I am sure we will have plenty!

So there you have it. North's clan holding the top three spots. Can they maintain this lead for the remainder of the set? Or will another clan such as AoE or DragonZ upsurp them? We have the entire set to find out. And I am sure no one shall disappoint...

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