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To Promisance...

Topic by : Ravenshir at : 11:25:22 02/11/2003

or Not to Promisance... My thoughts on an old age-old question... as it applies to us in modern-day Promisance...

Have you thought about it ? At all ? Ever ? What is the appeal, REALLY ? Oh, it's a's's addictive...
...but why ? What's so damn fun and addictive about watching pages refresh, and numbers get bigger on screen ?

Got me. I have absolutely no idea, but I need to write about something, so
I'm going to do as all great scientists have done in the past, and guess...

So... it could be, what ? Grouped roughly, I'd say we have 3 major areas
of potential discovery: Psychological or mental, emotional, and... physical.

Let's address the physical first. If you're bed-ridden, and so poor you can't afford any games, and you've already spent your life savings getting the damn pc, but just happen to have an internet connection (maybe you live in the States - I hear it's virtually free there), this might just be your motivation. Outside of that, I just don't know... greater minds will have to invent a reason - I'm not creative enough ;)

So, that was easy... Reason two: psychological or mental. This is sub-divided into 2 parts, I think... You may actually *be* mental, in which case, like me, the appeal of promisance in your life is best left to God's copious grey-matter... OR, in the depths of your soul, you want to prove that you're better than other people, or at least not as bad as some people, and that loser #4768 who stole that 1 acre of land from you, is GOIIINGG DOWN !! You'll burn him crispy, rape his cattle, and steel his sheep! - to sell on the black market to all your farmer friends ;)

Final reason... emotional. This only applies to girls ;) No..kidding..kidding. Jokes aside, you could be a sadomasochist, in which case you're playing the game so that you can read my articles, and therefor need serious help *grin*. ...OR, like everybody else out there, you feel good when you achieve something, however small or insignificant it may seem to other people, and when the little numbers get bigger, that's because *you* made them get bigger, in an odd mathematical big-brother kind of way, and anybody who doesn't like it can go play... something else. *sniff* Lamers *grin*

Anyway, that's the conclusion of my dissertation. There's bound to be a Nobel prize in this somewhere...

...a Noddy badge ?

....please ?

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