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15 hours left!

Valhall Region by : gradmin at : 20:34:41 30/10/2003

With only 15 hours left the set is almost to an end. What's happening, who is going to win? All of this seems very obvious, but is it? Or will someone come to take the top in the last 15 hours of the set?

Raven's dead over the 3 Billion networth he seems to be the winner at Battle, only 2 Zap! members in the top 10, they probably helped him out. Zap! puts his faith on their leader....

Caeser seems to be winning Strategy, with a high networth of $285 Million he seems to be the winner. But he is clanned, so can still be killed.

InfedlZ seems to be winning the set, with only 2 members, but both on top they are doing a good job. It seems they returned to teach AoE a lesson, but they didn't took the time to spell the tag right. I don't think many people aprove it that they try to win the set in this way.

The top 3 at Vintage is all above the $100M networth, Soul Calibur, Grizmo and North seem to be the winners there....

Good luck in the last hours....

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