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End of Battle

Valhall Region by : Dragon at : 04:00:43 29/10/2003

With few over fifty hours remaining in one of the most heated sets in my time here, three players have empires with a networth of over one billion dollars. There's a number of magers up near the top, so don't be surprised if there's a huge net jump at the

Currently in first is ChopSumi (#191) of clan ZAP!, one of three with over a billion networth. 90% of the top ten is a mage race, meaning there are billions, if not trillions of dollars floating around up there. Expect a deal of quick netgains very near the end of the set.

Clanwise, ZAP! is highest in rank. They hold three of the top five and are the only clan in the top ten. Not surprising, if you review their history this set. When they first arrived, the climbed to the top rapidly, to the dismay of not so few players. A unofficial, quick war ensued and ZAP! was almost completly destroyed. Now they are back, and back on top. With a gross networth of $3,099,265,890, they lead AllSquare by almost 2 billion networth.

AS, a clan lead by Gamemaster, was once at war with ZAP! Over half of AS' gross kills of 18 are ZAP! members. They have a gross networth of $1,140,414,196.

420 SK, lead by Upon, is third. Currently at war with ZAP! they hope to get as high as possible. With 5 out of 8 kills being ZAP! members, they've shown that they are a force to be reckoned with.

With still fifty hours left, it still is anyone's set.

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