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Big Village Idiot battle!

Valhall Region by : gradmin at : 17:12:49 28/10/2003

The Battle has never been so intense! The Village Idiot's of tomorrow are all trying to get voters. It seems like only yesterday that EoA was the favourite, but Mugatu and BB99 are trying to gain voters desperately....

End of All has won the 'Village Idiot' title many times, everybody got used to it, it was the most obvious answer on the ballot....

But there are 2 people who are giving us a hard time picking the 'Village Idiot', they want the award desperately, and they are willing to give everything up just to win it!

It is hard since all of them have been acting like lunatics lately, they did everything to take the logic out of their actions....

I even remember one of them started to whine, just to win the title!

It seems that 'Balloonboy' has the advantage, but the Battle isn't over yet. Everybody is anxious, who will be the next 'Village Idiot', let's just hope it goes to someone who deserves it!

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