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ZAP still in fight ?

Topic by : Ravenshir at : 17:02:26 28/10/2003

The Battle-field is not yet lost...

I may be biased - but I think not, or I am at least trying not to be ;) Anyway, to the point...

As those of you currently playing Battle should know, some of the ZAP players were persuaded back to play on your server, and the clan has therefor been active again - for the first time since things initially went sour. This return has been thanks to very specific individuals, who had the good grace to extend their hands in greeting, and engage us in dialog. Them I thank, once again. I believe I echo the sentiment of my clan-mates when I say that it has made all the difference.

Putting aside the excessive number of deaths - and the unfortunate ill sentiment which followed, perhaps the quick and seemingly drastic action
taken by AS when ZAP were stretching their wings, had more basis in good strategy than we were willing to allow...

...Since we have started playing again, we are doing quite well. ZAP have managed to gather their scattered hordes and rebuild their empires.
I believe it fair to say - at the time of this article - that ZAP are contenders in this game. We may not be the best, but we have presence.

While this is true now, had AS still been waging war on us, it would not be. Therein may lie the good strategy behind their decision. Kill-runs such as those on this server are not something we are equipped to handle, but perhaps that may change with time, although I fear you will always find us less than ruthless.

So saying, it is good to see that we are still being warred on, but with less enthusiasm ;)

I salute the server, and those good men who have made it an experience worth remembering - a memory both good and bad, bad and good.

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