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AoE wins Strategy again?!

Valhall Region by : gradmin at : 22:33:06 27/10/2003

Less than 100 hours left, the set is finally coming to an end. It was a set full of excitement at our Strategy server this time. Think back about the brutal war between InfidelZ and AoE.

If you take a look at the clan statistics, you will see AoE on top, followed by AoE2 and Aoh.
It seemed impossible that AoE would win the set a week ago, only 2 members left, both in protection.
InfidelZ was a strong and powerfull clan supported by DragonZ and AngelZ. Chad, the leader of AoE, was enjoying his honeymoon and AoE was about disappear.

But AoE didn't plan to surrender, the members kept on killing, and recreated when they got killed. The leader returned, and the sites were changing. DragonZ disbanded, and Aoh came to help AoE. InfidelZ kept shrinking, and members refused to sign up again. And after a few days the last member of AngelZ disappeared....

It seems that AoE has remaineds unbreakable again, Strategy is their server and it will stay it for this set.

Or will there be someone powerfull enough to lead a clan and destroy AoE in the last hours of the set. Doesn't seem like it, but all possibility's are open....

What about next set?
AoE will probaby return, and InfidelZ.
North announced a 100% Dutch ~DSS~ next set at the Strategy server including: South, West, Toran, UJ, BB99, Toetje33, Scorpion.

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