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Dragon's Betrayal

Interview by : Dragon at : 03:13:56 21/10/2003

In an unlikely turn of events, AoE is coming back in the war. InfidelZ has detagged and only two AngelZ remain. Perhaps the most startling fact in this turn of events is the betrayal of the Dragon, perhaps one of his worst decisions in his career.

InfidelZ had this war won it seems. Why did you change tags?
Believe me, it was a hard decision to make. After many chats with the clan discussing kill runs and just plain goofing around, it was hard to leave them and join their enemies.

You were a big part in the war on the Infidel side with four kills. Do you think you can help AoE that much?
The Axis doesn't need any help really. There are only two adversaries left, both AngelZ. I merely helped them slightly by removing a few of their, now our, enemies.

Do you think you've lost some friends with your clan switching?
I hope not. But AoE was my first true clan besides the Bloodpack. I just couldn't take fighting Chad and the rest of my mates anymore.

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