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The end of AoE?

Topic by : Dragon at : 22:47:28 16/10/2003

It appears that InfidelZ and DragonZ are successful. With only two AoE members remaining, both in protection, it seems they have been vanquished.

Is AoE truly gone? A quick brush through the scores list seems to agree that they are. With only Kull 4 and Crystal Flame tagged, it seems that InfidelZ and DragonZ have won this war. But perhaps, AoE is staying untagged for now until they get enough power and turns to tag up and kill their foes.

A quick sweep of the graveyard reveals the carnage that happened on the bloodstained fields of the stratey server. AoE and AoE-2 have a kill total of 15 kills compared to the kills of InfidelZ and DragonZ, 27 kills.

Currently the InfidelZ alliace holds the top nine spots in the server. The alliance has a total networth of a little over half a billion dollars. It seems that InfidelZ has surpassed AoE to become the best clan in Strategy.

Many have failed to take down AoE. But the Infidel alliance seems to have achieved it. A ragtag group of veterans and noobs came together under the leadership of Caeser and conquered.

But perhaps AoE isn't dead. With roughly 350 hours left there may yet be time for AoE. None can doubt them or count them out. Keep in mind that Chad is away on his honeymoon. With the detagging of most of DragonZ AoE still has a good chance in this war. Only time will tell the fate of AoE and InfidelZ.

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