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The ZAP! Legend

Topic by : Ravenshir at : 14:45:00 15/10/2003

I'm not sure I've done this correctly, but anyway... This article (or story rather) is a bit one-sided I realise, and I challenge other would-be writers to transcribe another viewpoint.

Greetings, my fellow promisanians.

Lend me your eyes !

The Gods have spoken to me ! ...and bid me write a tale of the Ages. I, a lowly scribe, have acceeded to their request and sit here, stick in hand, scribbling in the sand. I figure, since they're gods, they can do
their part and make it more permanent. *little smiley face*

I shall tell you a tale of yesterweek - a tale of joy, a tale of woe.... I feel, in my pre-defense, that I was bade not to embroil myself in the affairs of which I write, but it happens that I was in the midst of this unfolding tale, as it...unfolded, and can but only tell it from my point of view, limited as it is. Herein lies a semi-true account of the coming of clan ZAP! to the Valhall Promisance Universe, and what befell them.

It was a fine sunny day, in..err , when a handful of mighty heroes from the ZA Promisance Universe decided that their local play-ground wasn't enough, and they were going to catch a plane across to the next universe, where they would cause all manner of mayhem and destruction, chanting killl, kiiill, killll!!!!, and perhaps... in the name of glory and honour, and boredom, they would - heroically - die.

A great and wonderful tale in the making this was going to be. So... the fates had to mess things around.
Lo!, and behold, after great magicks were cast, and terrible prices paid, the intrepid nonette (sorry.. wrong character).. intrepid Noctet deplaned in the famed and mystical Outer Plane of Valhall Promisance, wherein they founded little empires - it being against the rules to immediately found great empires - and established cruel, yet beneficent, rule over the previously happy local inhabitants.

Thus begins our tale...

There were Nine:
Lord uDu,
Lord Raven of Ravenshir,
Lord Trace,
Lord of the UnderDark,
Denny of Sarth,
Lord r4iden of Earthrealm,
the Lord of the Moon,
BigB of Anthrax,
and Lord Zauster of the Keppie

...and fearless were they! Having suffered innumerable trials on their home plane, but having tasted many more victories than defeats, the Nine Heroes of ZA Promisance were determined to measure their true worth in the eyes of the gods', and not be found wanting...

Before departing their Home Domain, they swore pact that ever would they
hold true to each other - for who else had they out there ? All contention
was set aside, feuds temporarily forgotten, disparate philosophies melded into a single chain.

Messages were sent to the local Valhall Lords proclaiming the arrival of the Nine of ZAP! and their intent. Many of these Heroes immediately began to moblilise their troops, and call their fellows to arms. The Nine saw this, and thought that it was good. Here, indeed, would they find their measure taken, their blades tested, and their abilities pushed to the limit.

ZAP! had planned, and they expected, and were wary, and they waited...for the onslaught to come. In order to best maximise their limited resources, and hold against the superior might of the defending Heroes, they expanded quickly, conscripting all manner of warriors, and building all manner of engines. This world, and it's people, were able to produce unlike anything they had ever seen before, thus they pushed their industry to it's limits. Mages were called upon to work their Alchemy, and finance the war efforts,and the wheels turned...

Months went by with sallies from both sides, and some little gain, and some little loss, but still no clash of Titans... until... suddenly, when all the Heroes were abroad, an alliance of some of the strongest empires, moving under the cover of darkness, strategically deployed their forces around every one of the Nine's home cities and laid low the strong towers, and decimated their people, 'ere even word of their arrival could be sent to any one of the Nine. The Nine -themselves- were captured on their return, and hung.

It is said that such a gathering of Hosts has not been seen in the Valhall Universe for many a century, and certain neutral participants were known to state that they anticipated a blood-letting as never before...

Thus were the Nine, in the beginning of their ascendancy, when they were but fledglings, brought low by the Heroes of Valhall, who well knew the possible future dangers they would pose, if allowed to grow too strong...

However, the Nine left of their legacy - their descendants survived. Pride and honour ruled them, though, and they proclaimed their Heritage when they were of an age. Assassins were sent, and three generations of the Nine passed 'ere the Heroes of Valhall were satisfied that the deed was done, and the Nine would trouble them no more - in deed or word. Some few of the Nine's heirs had gained sympathetic ears over this time, and were striving to press their perceived right to trial by combat - to gather their retainers, and build up their forces once more - to face their foes in Battle, and have the gods alone sit in judgement of who was the better.

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