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End of All, The life story

Interview by : Upon at : 17:48:50 13/10/2003

Most of us know 'End of All' or 'EoA' very well. Some still know him as the village idiot....

But he has a sensitive side that no one really knows about, he has held the 'Village Idiot' title for so long, that no one seems to take him seriously:

'End of All' how do you think that you have won the Village idiot title so many times?

Hmm... I would guess it started with me and Caesar, and I guess it proved how much of an Idiot I was, so people thought I deserved it.

How many times have you won this title?

Around 9 times i would have to say.

Do you currently hold the title?

No, I gave up the title so people would start taking em seriously.

Why do you say "so people would start taking me seriously" what do you mean by this?

A few people had disregared what I have posted in the fourms, because I was the Village Idiot, I let it slide a few times, but it got to the point where what I said didn't matter.

So you became hurt at the fact that no one really believed anything you said?


Okay.... Well who do you think will hold the title next?

Well, I do not know...I have talked to a few people and they want me to win it back, so I might win it again, but if it isnt me...I'd have to say... Mugatu or you, Upon.

Well I say 'End of all' was a good sport about all of this, and even though someone is named the village idiot should not mean that they are a cast out of our society.

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