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War in Strategy, yet again.

Interview by : Dragon at : 21:23:51 10/10/2003

We all know that AoE is one of the greatest clans ever to grace the Strategy server. This set, InfidelZ has risen to challenge AoE.

Axis of Evil and its companion clan, Axis of Evil Renegades (AoE2), are currently at war with the Infidel Millenars and their companion clan, The DragonZ.

InfidelZ seems to be winning the war with many successful kill runs. In the graveyard, AoE and AoE-2 have, combined, ten casualties, whereas the InfidelZ only have six. Even AngelZ may be involved in this war. Currently all sides have a member in the top ten. But, most InfidelZ are ranked lower than twentieth. InfidelZ, AngelZ, and DragonZ combined is eleven people against the forces of AoE and AoE-2, seven members of AoE with three in protection and two members of AoE-2. I interviewed one person from each side to see what their plans for this war are.

North, of clan AoE, has this to say:

What is your position on the outcome?
I am a member of AoE, and wasn’t really involved in the war, until I was killed. Now I will try to get some kills back.

Who do you feel is the biggest threat to AoE?
No one. We are much stronger.

So even though they have more clan members and it seems that Miz Angel is allied with them, you feel that AoE will overcome and end the set as the victorious clan?
I am not afraid. I have put my faith in Chad’s hands. He will take care of this matter.

Upon has this to say:

How are you involved with the war?
I’m on the InfidelZ side. I’m an assassin.

I only tag up to kill or during kill runs.

Who in AoE is the biggest threat to InfidelZ?
AoE is a threat by itself. But I would say Chad.

Are you worried about the AoE members in protection, that they'll come blasting out on a kill run?
It’s expected.

Are you prepared?
Yes, very much so. I don’t plan to net-gain because I know I will be killed.

Is AngelZ involved in this war?
The only involvement is InfidelZ.

So Miz helping out had nothing to do with an alliance?
Nothing at all.

But Miz says differently:
What is your place in the Strategy war?
I’m not the biggest fan of AoE. I’m with you on this one. Caesar seems like a good person and he’s got one of my clan members in his clan, so I’ll do my best to help out.

So there you have it. InfidelZ, AngelZ, and DragonZ take on AoE and AoE-2. This may turn into one heated war. People killing, people being killed. This war will be interesting. It seems to be going full steam yet AoE seems not to be putting itself fully into this war. Only time will tell what Chad’s plans are.

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