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The Clan Without a Name... YET

Interview by : Ice at : 14:48:34 15/12/2004

I got it, The scoop on Scorpion`s clan for January set. Here`s the interview.

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Interview by : demonicofsorrow at : 01:44:17 05/12/2004

The one they call archangel...

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Interview with UnderDark

Interview by : Ice at : 16:49:53 06/10/2004

We hear so much from you in game about relevant topics, and your responses are always witty and to the point. Now what about your in game activities, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you post about in game happenings.

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The Banned Veteran

Interview by : Blasterboy99 at : 22:54:55 06/09/2004

I`m talking here with West who can`t enter the Battle of the Kings tournament. That`s why I wondered if he would like to play.

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Chad of West Palm Beach

Interview by : Dragon at : 07:13:09 10/07/2004

Our eldest Administrator sheds some light onto his personal life, game life, and his Kaiship.

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The Insider on Mawerick

Interview by : Morzan at : 00:00:23 21/06/2004

As many know, mawerick is a skilled player with a few first place finishes under his belt, and is still a new player. Get the Inside scoop on Mawe here!

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Player Profile: Cheech

Interview by : Gondor at : 00:50:13 10/06/2004

The player known as Cheech has agreed to me interviewing him. Read about it here.

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Coffee with North

Interview by : Naled Tuaflore at : 20:17:09 23/05/2004

I had some time to sit with North as I had my morning coffee. So I decided to share our conversation with you all. Let`s see what our friend North is up to.

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The Real Gamemaster

Interview by : Dragon at : 06:53:21 14/05/2004

Our beloved Gamemaster. Great player, leader of AllSquare, military genius, beloved Admin.

But there is a dark side to Gamemaster. I will bravely delve into the myster that is...


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Player Profile: Lord Jolas

Interview by : Dragon at : 11:11:38 09/04/2004

Near the end of last set, I was introduced to Lord Jolas, and have since become friends with him. The subject of the third player profile is the one and only Lord Jolas.

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Clan Profile: KKD

Interview by : penta at : 08:18:05 20/03/2004

The clan, KKD, watches over Strategy whit a commanding eye. Who are they? What is their intention?

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Player Profile: Chong

Interview by : Dragon at : 04:15:16 17/03/2004

As most of us know, SmashZ was supposed to be the next player profile. Unfortunately, him and I have been unable to communicate due to restrictions upon me. A new friend of mine and a familiar face comes to grace the ValHall Times.

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The Multies

Interview by : penta at : 20:26:35 27/02/2004

It`s high time to get the story from behind the scene, but first let`s hear what the people in the game says.

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Player Profile: Caesar

Interview by : Dragon at : 05:44:43 25/02/2004

Most of us know Caesar as the leader of the InfidelZ, but not much else is known to us. Allow me to give some insight into this player`s profile.

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North Quadrant takes a HIT

Interview by : Total Anarchy at : 13:42:37 09/02/2004

In the span of 12 hours, NQ has been beaten down to nothing more then a pile of ashes, 10 members have died, and only 2 have rejoined the clan so far. Is this the End of NQ?

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Cold Wind Blows From the North

Interview by : Dragon at : 19:04:30 08/02/2004

A good mix of players, killers and netgainers alike, have come together under the leadership of North to form the clan North Quadrant. For a while, they held most of the top ten...

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Dragons at War

Interview by : Dragon at : 00:06:29 12/12/2003

Peacefully netgaining. Something utopian and divine, yet also impractical. It seems that things have come to a head early this set. The war has shifted from X and moved on to Dragons.

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DSS: Dutch Secret Service

Interview by : Dragon at : 00:52:35 04/11/2003

North has been a member of many clans, and takes many n00bs under his wing of guidance. Now, he is back in both Battle and Strategy leading a new, powerful clan with an excellent mix of veterans and newbies.

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Dragon's Betrayal

Interview by : Dragon at : 03:13:56 21/10/2003

In an unlikely turn of events, AoE is coming back in the war. InfidelZ has detagged and only two AngelZ remain. Perhaps the most startling fact in this turn of events is the betrayal of the Dragon, perhaps one of his worst decisions in his career.

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End of All, The life story

Interview by : Upon at : 17:48:50 13/10/2003

Most of us know 'End of All' or 'EoA' very well. Some still know him as the village idiot....

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War in Strategy, yet again.

Interview by : Dragon at : 21:23:51 10/10/2003

We all know that AoE is one of the greatest clans ever to grace the Strategy server. This set, InfidelZ has risen to challenge AoE.

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Is ZAP! really that bad?

Interview by : ttc85 at : 22:07:06 05/10/2003

Some people feel that the new clan Zap is here for some other reason then to just have fun, is this the case?

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Satan & Tiax innocent?

Interview by : gradmin at : 13:53:35 27/09/2003

We all know the story about Tiax and Satan's Helper, but is it true? Or did someone tampered with the evidence? Satan's Helper tells us his theories about the case in an exclusive interview with 'The Valhall Times'....

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Upon, on how 420 SK goes!

Interview by : at : 17:25:23 20/08/2003

As promised here is the interview of the leader at 420 SK clan (from battle server).

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Gamemaster about AS

Interview by : Chadmin at : 10:40:48 19/08/2003

I always thought AS was a thing of the past, so clearly I was quite surprised to find there name once more in the score list. Why did they return? For answers, always go the leader. Gamemaster.

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Server war?!

Interview by : gradmin at : 00:42:02 19/08/2003

Server war plans have been put back on the table. Questions are rising, when, where and when?
I asked a veteran who he thinks should be competing. Global's admin Shoot Me can't wait, so it is just waiting for the Valhall admins....

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Interview by : gradmin at : 20:50:14 12/08/2003

First real set, on a new server. Infidelz seems to be the strongest Strategy clan of the moment. Time to know more about them....

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Chad on the Forum changes

Interview by : ttc85 at : 06:46:16 25/07/2003

Chad, one of our beloved admins has changed around the moderation of the forums!

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The Editors thoughts

Interview by : ttc85 at : 08:22:03 23/07/2003

I entered the news room with an idea to my editor and it struck his fancy so he agreed to let me interview him on his thoughts on how things were going so far with the valhall times

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Story behind a war!

Interview by : at : 08:35:29 22/07/2003

Here is a lil how this war started between S&D and Infidelz.

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Ceasar, strikes again!

Interview by : at : 08:17:32 22/07/2003

Usualy i walk up to fokes asking for interviews... but it looks like the VT is getting popular. AS Ceasar comes to me whit his story.

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Laios, about the S&D situation

Interview by : at : 07:50:26 22/07/2003

Laios and his clan still have to put up sheild to prevent Infidelz and others to penetrate.

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Geist, what about DS!

Interview by : at : 15:21:19 19/07/2003

As you all know Gaist runs DS in strategy. But will he handle the war whit AoE, or is it over?!

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Padre, about his prom time!

Interview by : at : 10:20:56 18/07/2003

Padre is fairly new to this game and here is what he thinks about it.

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Trogdor, a real BURNiNATOR!

Interview by : at : 11:15:26 17/07/2003

Well i caught up with this feared thing outside my empires boundries while he was BURNiNATING some peasant.

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Laios, the born leader!

Interview by : at : 12:00:00 15/07/2003

As I step in to Laios' office in a hidden dungon, TankerFly unties my blindfold and shuts the large stone door.

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Infidelz, killing spree!

Interview by : at : 20:11:04 13/07/2003

I caught up with Starfire and Caesar in the trenches of the Infidelz - S&D war.

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West's, empire is safe!

Interview by : at : 19:19:35 13/07/2003

I got a hold of West while he where sipping his tea, in his large castle over in Meppel, The Netherland.

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Toran, about his death!

Interview by : at : 10:40:41 12/07/2003

I catched Toran while he was rising his new empire for the fight for FreeLancers. He may so far be one of the inosent dead so far in the clan trivial.

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TankerFly, on the S&D deaths!

Interview by : at : 08:06:57 12/07/2003

I got a hold of TankerFly, while he was stumbling around gathering up the peaces of his empire.

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Laios, an "Old Timer".

Interview by : at : 19:34:24 10/07/2003

What makes you belive you are one of the best players? And tell me do you think you are "over rated"?

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