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Stats Bronx (bank) Trenchcoat     Space : 100
Cash   $2,000
Guns   0
Health   100
Bank   $0
Dept   $5,500
Days   0
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Section One, The Game.

Dopwars is a imaginary drug market set in New York City. Basically the
game starts out with you (the one doing all the buying and selling) with
a whopping $ 2000 bucks borrowed from a loan shark. You will notice you owe
the loan Shark $ 5500 bucks on the very first turn! Your Debt will keep
going up day by day until you pay him off.

You have one month to make your fortune (30 turns), pay off your debt and
just basically stay alive on the streets of New York. You can buy and sell
the available drugs from one of six cities: Manhattan, Ghetto, Bronx, Coney
Island, Brooklyn and Central Park. You travel from place to place via the Subway, which
takes one day (turn) to travel to and fro. Along the way you can pick up
or give up your drugs, have friends give or take some of your stash, buy
trenchcoats for more pockets, have cops or police dogs chase you, and buy
guns to kill the cops that interfere with you along the way.

Basically the premise is simple:

Stay alive, buy cheap and sell high. (and don't smoke your stash along the

Drug Prices vary from place to place. Occasional busts or people making
cheap drugs will vary the price a lot, making it easier to make money if you
have money to invest. These occurrences are completely random, and are
great if you can find them at the right time.

Here are the available drugs to choose from. Not every city will offer
these at any one given time, sometimes you may spend three turns trying to
unload some speed, and miss some cheap ACiD or a Heroin Bust.

An outdated drug. PCP varies from 1,000 to upwards of 4,000 or so bucks.
You will never find it dirt cheap and the demand is low. I would recommend
to not invest in PCP because it is hard to get rid of and varies too little
to make good money.

This is a nice Trippy Drug. In Dopewars Peyote comes and goes but never for
very much profit. It usually stays in the Hundreds, but is not subject to
busts or cheap prices. I wouldn't waste your time with this unless you want
to take a chance early on and make a couple hundred bucks.

A worthless drug. This is much like PCP, that the price never dips real low
and never has a bust so there is no reason to stock up on it because people
usually don't buy and sell much of this shit. I would not recommend too
much dabbling in this.

Shrooms are cool, but in Dopewars, they don't make shit for cash. The prices
stay way too close to each other and never bottom out or skyrocket. I
wouldn't mess with these at all either.

Ludes are a cool drug. Ludes are the cheapest drug in Dopewars. The price
can be as low as a buck a unit, and sell over 60 bucks a unit at times.
Ludes are a way to make fast cash, but be careful not to spend all of your
pocket space on these because it is hard to make good money off of them and
there are much more valuable drugs to invest in.

My personal favorite (in real life) In Dopewars, the price of ACiD can fall
as low as a couple hundred bucks a hit and sell as high as $ 4,500. This
can be a early money maker if you know the prices well and can find some
cheap, homemade ACiD.

Hashish is neat in Dopewars. The price bounces in the mid hundreds for a piece
up to 1,200 bucks a piece. But once in a while the Marakesh Express arrives
in your city and the price bottoms out in to less than 150 bucks at times!
Everytime you see the Marakesh express, buy Hash unless you are a high roller.

Opium is a strange drug in Dopewars. It sells usually from about 500 bucks
to over 1000 bucks a ball, but randomly has busts where the prices soar to
over 5000 bucks a ball! This is an early high roller money maker. When
you cannot afford Coke or Heroin, go for Opium and hope for a bust.

Speed is one of the cheaper drugs in Dopwars. It sells for as low as 60 or
so bucks and with a bust will fly to almost 900!!! Speed can be a real
money maker in the beginning if you know when to buy and sell. I like to
invest in speed early on.

Kind Buds
Weed is a real floaty drug in Dopewars. There are times when the price
bottoms out to less than 50 bucks a bag, and rises to over 800 bucks a bag.
I like to invest in weed off and on, only when the price is right. You
will find that people like to lay some weed on ya (give up a bag or two)
or smoke some of your shit, and sometimes momma makes some brownies from
the stash! This happens with hash as well. It's cool to smoke up a
friend one game and have him get you back in the next.

Cocaine is the High Roller money maker of this game. The price for one
rock varies from a low of $ 15,000 (15k) a rock to (with a bust) over
$ 100,000 (100k) a rock!!! As soon as you can start investing in this shit, do.
Even if you don't get a bust, the price likes to float around $ 14,000 from
place to place. You can still make good money without a bust. Every famed
Dopewars veteran knows that a good Coke bust will make you a millionaire!

Heroin is like coke, but has prices that are cheaper, but busts that are also
cheaper. You can find Heroin for as low as $ 5000 (5k) a score, to more than
$ 65,000 (65K) a score! Heroin likes to be relatively expensive without a
bust. Lots of times you will see it near or over $ 10,000 (10k) a score.
It's nice to make a million of Heroin, but it's harder to than Coke.


Ok, now that you have the lowdown on the goods, now for some hints.

The loan shark starts charging interest the first day, and increases pretty
well everyday thereafter. One suggestion is not to pay off the Loan Shark
until late in the game. Why? Well if you never pay off the Loan Shark, then
you will owe about $65,000 (65k) at the end of the game. You can pay him
early to get him off your back, but that money early on is more important
than 65k later on. Early in the game you need to make as much as quickly
as possible. Every thousand counts until you can start rolling in Opium,
Coke, and Heroin. If you never pay him off, he does not kill you, it is
just subtracted from your cash. Believe me on the last turn, 65k will seem
like nothing when you have $10,000,000 bucks!

Always try to keep at least $ 2,000 (2k) on you at all times if you can
afford it. This is wise because along the way people will offer you to
buy a Trenchcoat for a few hundred bucks (which gives you 20 extra spaces)
or a hangun (takes 4 spaces but you can use it to kill cops!) and also
if you kill all the cops that try to capture you, including Officer Hardass
you get some cash and can have a doctor heal you. Also sometimes if you
have like 50 rocks of coke and like 3k on you and there is some cheap
ACiD going around, you can buy a few hits and sell them to make some change
to get some more Coke, Heroin, or whatever and hope for a bust.

It is always good to run from the cops if you don't have a gun, if you do
I would recommend not to take on more than 5 or 6 with officer hardass
included. If you don't have enough money after you kill them all, you
cannot see a doctor and get healed and then you just wasted your time!

Always early in the game, stick to speed, ludes, weed, and hash until you
get enough green to make bigger investments. Once you get like 100k or
more, then start diversifying yourself in Heroin, Opium, and Coke if possible.
It is also good to instead of hoarding up a bunch of one thing, hoard up
smaller amounts of two or three things. Sometimes you cannot sell your shit
in one place, and another thing is cheap and busts in the next! Always
be diverse in your investments.

AND ALWAYS REMEMBER, BUY LOW AND SELL HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love and kisses

FishBone - AKA - Crack N Jax

My highest score was over 22,000,000 bucks, my uncle had gotten over
30,000,000 once and died before the month was over! Since the game always
keeps high scores and the date, you can eventually have the bottom of the
list in the 10 millions! It's cool to have a high score list so high that
you make it one in every 15 or so games! It is also fun to push different
players off the list and have your name as the king dealer!

If anyone knows a way to re-program this game and re-vamp it with music and
some graphics, let me know! I want this game to be around forever, with
updated versions!



Drug Wars Online is based upon this game, but is rebuildt totally for web and does not
use the same source code. But is tried to imitate as good as possible, as it doesn´t carry
the exact same logics some changes are to be seen, but are keept close as it can be.
Original game highscore at 31,000,000.


original game here

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